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dalla SER – Segreteria di Stato per l’educazione e la ricerca:

  • Dean of Computer and Communication Sciences, EPFL, Lausanne
  • Postdoctoral Fellowship Program, ETHZ, Zurich
  • Science & Technology Counselor, Swiss Embassy, Canberra, Australia
  • Head of the Photon Science Dept, Paul Scherrer Institute, Villigen

Reporting to the President as part of EPFL’s senior administration, the Dean provides vision and leadership across the School’s teaching and research activities, and manages its corporate business and administrative responsibilities. The successful candidate will have an exemplary academic record, strong achievements in research, teaching, scholarly activities and service, demonstrated leadership capabilities in a collegial university setting, and the ability to inspire. Possessing outstanding management and interpersonal skills, s/he will be committed to fostering interdisciplinary teaching and research, and to promoting the endeavors of the School. Experience building diverse and collaborative teams, relating to a range of internal and external partners, and experience in fundraising will be important assets in this role. The position offers competitive compensation and tenure at the full professor level. The screening of applicants will begin on July 1st, 2012.
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The ETH Zurich Postdoctoral Fellowship Program supports incoming fellowships for postdoctoral researchers at the ETH Zurich. The program is intended to foster high-potential, young researchers who have already demonstrated excellence in terms of internationally competitive achievements in the early stages of their professional careers. Eligible candidates are young postdoctoral scientists worldwide, who have been awarded their doctoral degree within two years of the relevant submission deadline. The applicants need to have at least one scientific publication in a peer-reviewed journal or have been awarded a prize for their PhD thesis. Applications have to be made jointly by the candidate and their host who must be an ETH Zurich Professor and who will act as a mentor of the fellow. The duration of an ETH Fellowship is two years and cannot be prolonged.
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Le poste de chargé de la science, de la formation et de la recherche à l’ambassade de Suisse à Canberra est une position charnière entre l’université, l’industrie et la diplomatie. Le responsable de la science et de la formation à l’ambassade de Suisse à Canberra est le représentant officiel de la formation et de la recherche suisses en Australie. Parallèlement, il est aussi le coordinateur du Swiss Australian Academic Network (SAAN). Le responsable de la science et de la formation renseigne la centrale (Berne) et les différents représentants suisses de la formation et de la recherche sur les événements actuels importants en Australie et il joue un rôle actif dans la promotion de la formation, de la recherche et de l’innovation suisses dans toutes les régions de l’Australie. Il appuie d’une manière ciblée la coopération bilatérale dans la recherche, il développe les relations et les contacts de l’ambassade dans le monde australien de la formation et de la recherche et il organise des événements et des visites. Il est responsable de l’organisation du SAAN y compris de la liaison avec le Président / Vice Président de SAAN, le Comité et les représentants des états du SAAN ainsi qu’avec les membres et les sponsors.
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Leadership of the future Photon Science Department consists of the three laboratories for synchrotron radiation dedicated to research on macromolecules and bioimaging (LSB), condensed matter and materials (LSC) and catalysis and sustainable chemistry (LSK). These laboratories operate 18 beamlines at the Swiss Light Source (SLS). They support and accompany research carried out by external users as well as they perform their own “in-house” research. The research focus of the laboratory for micro- and nanotechnology (LMN) is on nanoscience and basic research on properties of correlated nanostructures on surfaces. The LMN develops new experimental methods and turns the knowledge into nanofabrication processes. After the commissioning of the SwissFEL facility foreseen in 2016, the SwissFEL photon science facilities will be integrated into the new photon science department.Through your scientific leadership and organizational skills you will promote and provide visions toward a world-class experimental program aiming at supporting both internal researchers and thousands of external users. As the Head of the Photon Science Department you will be member of the PSI board of directors. A joint professor appointment at one of the two ETH-schools can be envisaged. You are an internationally renowned scientist in a field related to materials science, energy and environment or biology. You have extensive experience in the use of synchrotron and/or FEL radiation for cutting-edge research, along with proven leadership, management and administrative skills.
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